Hi, I’m Josh, your local Gutter Knight business servicing the greater Albury and Wodonga area.

I am a local lad and grew up in Holbrook on a farm. I worked in the area for years before starting my career in earthmoving.

My career choice has taken me far and wide; I’ve worked in places like Noosa, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, and central Queensland in the coal mines.

More recently I had the opportunity to work on the new second International Airport at Badgers Creek in western Sydney. This was the biggest construction job in Australia at that time and it was an eye opener, I was glad to be a part of. This opportunity helped me hone in my professionalism and eye for detail as excellence was the minimum standard.

After all this I decided there is no place like home, so I moved back to Holbrook to raise my young family. We love being part of the community doing sports, swimming and getting outdoors. I love working around my yard doing jobs to improve things and my little hobby is getting my lawn as neat as possible.

My partner Maryann grew up in a small village of Mangoplah NSW. She spent over 10 years in the banking industry, priding herself on customer service. She the left banking industry when we moved back to the country to raise our young family. Currently she works in accounting and loves helping on the family farm.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the best practical solutions with our premium Gutter Guard products.

Look forward to chatting with you soon


A little bit of info about Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard is also known as Leaf Guard, Gutter Mesh and Gutter Protection however not all systems or products are the same. Like anything, the quality of the product has a large impact on the effectiveness and longevity of your end result. We only use premium local Aluminium and Steel products, we DO NOT or will not use plastic products like some others. Let me ask you this, is there anything else made of plastic on your roof? (There are too many reasons to go into as to why there’s none) Our Gutter Guards all come with a fully written and signed 12 year warranty and 20 year workmanship warranty certificate.

Gutter Guard is used for more than keeping leaves and debris out of your system. Other uses include:

  • Keeping vermin out
  • Keeping birds from nesting in your gutters
  • Possum proofing
  • Extending the lifetime of your gutters resulting in lower expenses
  • Stopping water damage from overflowing Gutters and Valleys
  • Clean water tank water

Albury Gutter Guard installs Gutter Protection to all types of roofs and valleys. If you are looking for a permanent Gutter Guard solution in Albury and surrounds please contact us now and we will arrange a time to drop by and provide you with a solution.